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Kaos Softwear Silicone Heart-Shaped Retainer Jewelry in 16g, 3/8 inch (~10mm) Wearable Surface

Kaos Heart Retainers offer an innovative way to comfortably conceal your piercings. The heart-shaped design allows for smooth, easy insertions, and acts as a durable flare so the piece stays securely in place. This heart retainer has a 3/8 inch (~10mm) wearable surface.

- Color: Clear
- Material: Biocompatible Implant Grade Silicone
- Gauge: 16g (~1.6mm)
- Wearable Surface: 3/8 inches (~10mm)
- Heart-shaped "flare"

How to use:
Pinch both sides of the "heart" together until it collapses. This creates an extended reach for an easier insertion. Once the retainer is inserted, the heart will create a "flare" that holds the jewelry in place.

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