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The TATSoul 370 Wing Attachment is a long awaited addition to our popular TATSoul 370 Chair. This attachment converts the slim adjustable TATSoul 370 to a much wider client chair. This attachment can only be used in the Bed position.


Increases the width of the TATSoul 370 Client chair by 36cm in the middle portion of the chair, and by 18cm on the top and bottom of the chair.
Utilizes the existing Click-Lock mechanism on the 370 for easy installation.


Upholstered in PVC vinyl
Easy to assemble
Fits perfectly in the existing Click-Lock mechanisms of the 370

Product Dimensions (flat position):

86cm Long
18cm wide in the middle area
9cm wide at the ends

Shipping Dimensions:

Quantity: 1
Package A: 96cm x 26cm x 29cm (L x W x H)
Package A weight: 11 kgs.

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