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The Pylon by TATSoul features a robust steel construction and a ball-mounted rest cushion allowing for easy height and swivel adjustments. The tripod base guarantees a compact, yet stable form and each leg is adorned with grip tape to act as foot rests for the artist. The new patent-pending Hemi-Lock Height Adjustment allows the support bar to easily click between settings and lock into place. A practical single lever-tool allows for effortless re-positioning or removal of the cushion for storage and travel.


- Compact and comes with a duffle bag carrying case
- 360 degrees ball-mounted rest cushion
- The new patent-pending Hemi-Lock Height Adjustment allows the support bar to easily click between settings and lock into place
- Tripod base for enhanced stability
- Steel frame with grip tape foot rests on each leg
- Easily disassembled for transportation
- Patent-pending design
- 1 year warranty

Product Dimensions:

- Height Range: 61cm to 93cm
- Cushion Length: 43cm
- Cushion Width: 18cm
- Cushion Thickness: 3,1cm
- Weight: 6,3kg

Shipping Dimensions:

- Quantity: 1
- Package: 71cm x 28cm x 28cm
- Weight: 6,5kg

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