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The TATSoul X-Mini is the lighter, more minimal version of the TATSoul X. It comes with most of the same features of the X, with the exception of the dolly. The X-Mini suits for artists who don't require all the features, but still want a perfect traveling companion.

The TATSoul X-Mini offers an easy solution for traveling artists who look for a solid, yet comfortable table for their clients. Constructed of the highest quality materials, and using the same tested innovation you've come to expect from TATSoul, the X-Mini is the perfect addition to any artist's work space. This is the most lightweight and versatile travel tattoo table yet.


Removable Face Cradle offers the most comfortable padding in the industry. It provides both comfort and excellent support, as it molds to the shape of any face.
Folds in Half and meets standard airline check-in without oversized or overweight fees (under 22,7kg (50 lbs.)). Folds to a slim 51cm (20inch) L x 24cm (9.5inch ) W x 72cm (28.5inch) H.
Retractable Support Bars can be used as leg rest, straddle rest, arm rest, and secondary back rest.
Removable Padding allows for easy cleaning and for hard surface in dolly position.
Heavy Duty Canvas Backpack comes with backpack straps and carrying handles for easy transport.
180kg (400 lb.) Weight Capacity in table/chair position.
1 year warranty


Upholstered in PVC vinyl
Heavy duty canvas bag backpack

Product Dimensions:

Height: 53cm (21inch) to 73cm (29inch)
Width: 49cm (19.5inch)
Length: 100cm (39.5inch)
Cushion thickness: 3,8cm (1.5inch)
Folds to a slim 68,6cm (27inch) L x 66cm (26inch) W x 25,4cm (10inch) D
Weight: 12,7kg (28 lbs.)
* All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion

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