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The Oros Client Chair by Tatsoul combines many years of Tattoo furniture experience into a fully featured multi-position premium tattoo chair!

We have built in even more comfort for those long sessions with our new softer multi-density foam construction. Back rest and leg rest articulation is now handled by our exclusive gas charged back and leg supports. Simply pull the lever and let it do the work for you. Another first in the Tattoo furniture world is our new adjustable tilt seat base which allows 10 degree of fore and aft adjustability to really dial in the comfort.

New Cushion Design - New softer multi-density foam conforms to the users body and minimizes pressure points.

New Gas Charged Leg and Backrest Lift Supports - New gas charged leg and back lifts allow quick and effortless adjustments with or without the client on the chair.

New Barber Chair inspired Foot Rest Accessory - New removable foot rest accessory alleviates seat and leg pressure when in the seated position.

New Tilting Seat Base - New tilting seat base design to allow precise adjustment for optimal comfort.

Versatile Headrest - With an integrated face-cradle and removable headrest pillow, the Oros's design affords comfort and a variety of useful applications.

The STANDARD set includes: Oros Client Chair, Stainless Steel Foot Rest, Face Cradle with removable pillow

Product Features:
- Upholstered with smooth PVC vinyl - prevents unwanted lines on clients' bodies after extended sessions
- Multi-layered cushioning for superior comfort and pressure reduction
- Removable armrests - steel reinforced click lock functionality
- Optimal adjustability for unrivaled chair positioning
- High straddle position for lower back tattoos
- Low straddle position for mid to high back and shoulder tattoos
- Removable pillow with plush face hole for face-down position
- Full range leg rest adjustment from 0° flat to 90° downward decline
- Full range backrest adjustment from 90° upright to 180° flat
- Full range 360° swivel at any height
- Adjustable height headrest, which converts into a face cradle
- Leg extensions for tall clients
- Durable stainless steel feet
- Slim and sleek design to fit in stations of any size
- Double plated heavy-duty steel base
- Ultra high grade hydraulic lift
- 1 year warranty

Product Specifications:
- Upholstered in PVC vinyl
- Hydraulic pump has a 4cm (1.58") shaft diameter with a 19,5cm (7.7") stroke
- Height adjustment from 60cm (24") to 78cm (31")
- Back rest adjustment from 0° flat to 90° upward incline
- Leg rests adjustment from 0° flat to 90° downward decline
- Rotates in horizontal direction and locks in location with foot lever
- Slim sleek design to fit in both large and small stations
- Weight capacity: 180kg (400 lbs)

Product Dimensions (flat position)*:
- Height Range: 60cm (24") to 78cm (31")
- Length Range: 132cm (52") to 205cm (81")
- Width with arm rests: 73cm (29")
- Arm rest width: 10cm (4")
- Cushion thickness: 10cm (4")
- Hydraulic base: 91cm (36") x 48cm (19") (L x W)
- Weight of chair: Standard - 93kg (207lbs)

* All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion 


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