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The TATSoul Forte Workstation is the first heavy-duty workstation designed specifically for the tattoo industry. Created with feedback from artists, our patent-pending cart contains everything you need - including a flush work surface recommended by the health department. The ultimate in tattoo equipment organization, the TATSoul Forte Workstation is the perfect addition to your studio.


Heavy duty stainless steel frame
Stainless steel top, drawers, handles, and attachments
Health department-recommended flush work surface
Removable stainless steel medical tray
5x ball-bearing drawer system
6x power outlets (3 per side)
1x rinse cup holder attachment
1x power supply platform attachment
1x ink bottle ''stadium-style'' rack
1x glove box holder
1x paper towel holder
4x heavy duty lockable 1.75inch caster wheels
Patent-pending design
Superior construction and quality
1 year warranty

Product Dimensions:

Depth: 48,30cm (19inch)
Height: 81,30cm (32inch)
Width: 66cm (26inch)
Width (with side attachments): 96,50cm (38inch)
Workstation surface: 66cm x 44,50cm (26inch x 17.5inch)
Medical Tray: 44,50cm x 34,30cm (17.5inch x 13.5inch)
4 x heavy-duty 1.75inch locking caster wheels

Drawer Dimensions:

1 drawer measures 54,60cm x 40,60cm x 10,15cm (21.5inch x 16inch x 4inch) (W x D X H)
1 drawer measures 54,60cm x 40,60cm x 7,60cm (21.5inch x 16inch x 3inch) (W x D x H)
1 drawer measures 39,40cm x 40,60cm x 10,15cm (15.5inch x 16inch x 4inch) (W x D x H)
2 drawers measure 39,40cm x 38,10cm x 5,1cm (15.5inch x 15inch x 2inch (W x D x H)

Shipping Dimensions:

Quantity: 1
Package A: 83cm x 63cm x 103cm (33inch x 24inch x 38inch (L x W x H)
Package A weight: 72kg (158lbs.)


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