GTXS Tattoo Pen - Grey

GTXS Tattoo Pen - Grey

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The new GTXS Tattoo Pen

- New easy open system that allows you to easily open the machine and change parts in case of damage, the stroke wheel and the spring inside the machine can easily be replaced and spare parts are included with the machine
- 2 different model grips included, both grips are 30mm at thier thickest point but the different models allow for different hand position
- Long grip advantage, you can adjust needle length even if you wrap the grip cover
- A tray holder for the pen is included
- 2pcs RCA cords included
- Spare part set included (Set includes: Tool for opening machine, 2 spare stroke wheels, 3 springs, 5 O-rings, 2 screws and an allen key)

Technical Details:
- Powerful high fidelity Japanese motor
- Needle depth can be adjusted by turning the grip
- 3,5mm stroke
- Starting voltage: 2.8V DC
- Working voltage: 5 - 12V DC
- Frequency: 0-11000RPM
- RCA Connection
- Machine weight (with grip) 175grams (6.17 oz)
- 6 month warranty

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