Phosphor-Bronze Brush - Sculptor's Brush Style

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Phosphor-Bronze Brush - For stone cleaning / metal burnishing. The brushes are made from crimped phosphor-bronze (non-rust) wire bristles, set into wooden stocks with 100% density for effective non-scarring action

The brushes have been used with excellent ratings in cleaning especially where Vulpex soap has been specified for interior stonework.

The brushes feature fine-drawn phosphor-bronze wire crimped for extra strength and densely packed on hard wood stocks. In action, all the wire elements move as a single unit, promoting safer, scar-free cleaning on the most vulnerable stone facings.
Compare this with the average industrial wire brush in which tufts of coarse wire rotate freely in pockets of space, leaving unsightly scratches.

Metal workers and restorers have also found the improved brushes to be effective for faster removal of corrosion products and burnishing with minimal scratching. Picreator's Pre-lim cleaning/burnishing paste, as a final process, produces a silk-smooth finish.

- The working wire has a length 34mm
- Brush total length 330mm

In regular use the brushes have proved to be resilient with an excellent service life.

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