Sterilization Bag

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Box of sterilization bags. Please note! The size selectable from the menu is the bag inner measurement, however the product box is marked with the outer measurement listed below.

- Self-sealing with adhesive strip
- Steam sterilization compatible, with indicator
- EO gas sterilization compatible, with indicator

Available sizes:
18 x 35mm - 600pcs/box (outer meas.: 32 x 75mm)
40 x 35mm - 400pcs/box (outer meas.: 60 x 70mm)
40 x 75mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 57 x 130mm)
65 x 105mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 90 x 165mm)
48 x 200mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 70 x 260mm)
65 x 200mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 90 x 250mm)
110 x 200mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 135 x 260mm)
65 x 150mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 90 x 200mm)
45 x 150mm - 200pcs/box (outer meas.: 65 x 200mm)

Print on the box may vary.

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