Tina Davies Healing Gel Aftercare 5gram Sachets - Pack of 10pcs

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Tina Davies' Aftercare Healing Gel has been designed to be used as the ultimate aftercare for permanent makeup procedures on areas such as eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

The water-based Aftercare Healing Gel re-hydrates and soothes the skin to reduce irritation and discomfort. Antibacterial and antimicrobial, it creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent infection. Thanks to the nano silver included in its formula, it also allows for faster and cleaner healing to achieve the best possible results.

- Includes 10 x 5g sachets and 10 client tip cards
- For use on the eyebrows, around the eyes and lips after PMU procedures    

Ingredients: 24 PPM Proprietary Silver Solution (purified water, nano-silver at .01 microns), TEA, Carbomer

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