FAQ for tattoo inks

How/where should I store tattoo ink?
Store inks at room temperature, in a clean environment. Note that inks contain distilled water and therefore can freeze if stored in a too cold place. Be sure to avoid high temperatures as well, and protect inks from direct sunlight.

How do I know if the ink has expired?
The ink bottles have the expiration date on the label. In addition to the expiration date the label also has a symbol which tells you how long the product is safe to use after opening. It will look like this. The number indicates how many months the product can be used after opening. In case there is no symbol, use the product within 12 months from opening.

What should be done if the client has been diagnosed to be allergic to chemicals?
We recommend allergy testing with every customer. Test should be made for all ink brands and batches that are going to be used, regardless of whether or not possible allergies are already known. If the client is known to be allergic to any dye or chemical we do not recommend taking tattoos or permanent makeup.
Allergies and their levels of sensitivity are individual, so it is impossible to know in advance if the ink could possibly contain some ingredient that will cause an allergic reaction, as the reaction could be caused by an ingredient previously unknown to the customer.

There are certificates for inks that show test results for the ingredients. Many ingredients have permissible limits that are allowed for the product and must not be exceeded, and sometimes the amount of ingredient is so small it cannot even be measured technically with certainty (ppm = parts per million). This means that even though the ingredient is not listed in the product, very small undetectable amount might still occur. This however applies to any and all products on the market today, not just tattoo ink.

Not taking a tattoo or permanent makeup is the safest option if sensitivity or allergy for any dye/color is already known to exist. If You still choose to tattoo the client we recommend allergy testing. You can find the instructions for allergy testing below.

Allergy Patch Test Information:
1.) Using either soap and water or alcohol, clean a small area of skin on the inner surface of the forearm.
2.) Apply a small quantity of the Pigment/Ink, as prepared for use, to the area and allow it to dry.
3.) After 24 hours, gently wash the area with soap and water.
4.) If no irritation or inflammation is apparent, it may be assumed that no hypersensitivity to the pigment/Ink exists. The test however should be carried out before each application.

What is the Safety Gate list?
Safety Gate (formerly known as RAPEX) is the European rapid alert system for non-food dangerous products and it is based on the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) (2001/95/EC). It allows for the exchange of information between the Commission, Member States and certain other countries included in the system of measures regarding products posing a serious risk to the health and safety of consumers.

The Safety Gate system applies to consumer products such as toys, electrical appliances, motor vehicles and cosmetics. The system applies also to products for professional use and products posing environmental risk. The system does not apply to pharmaceuticals, medical devices or food, all of which are covered by other mechanisms.

The competent national surveillance authority of each Member State has the statutory obligation to use the Safety Gate system to report any dangerous products found on the market and inform the system about measures taken to eliminate the risk. In Finland the notification obligation is enforced under the Act on Notifying the Commission of the European Communities of Measures Restricting the Placing on the Market, Sale and Use of Certain Products Presenting a Serious Risk (1197/2009), the "RAPEX Act".

Each Member State must have a national Safety Gate Contact Point, which for example in Finland is Tukes.

You can search for products in Safety Gate list here.
We are also keeping an eye on the FDA's (in US) list that is similiar to the Safety Gate in Europe just to be safe even though it does not concern products on the European market. You can search for products on the FDA's list here.

What should I do if the ink I use shows up in the Safety Gate list?
First check the  manufacturing lot from the ink bottle, is it the same as listed?  From the Safety Gate list you can see the brand of the tattoo ink, product name, batch number and/or lot number. If your ink is not from the same manufacturing lot/batch, you do not have to do anything, withdrawal does not concern your ink. In case you have the same batch number and/or lot number, stop using the product and contact the supplier you bought the ink from. Your supplier will inform you how to proceed with customer return and product exchange.

How do we handle possible withdrawal?
We check the Safety Gate list on a weekly basis. If we notice our product there, we immediately stop selling the product, and personally contact all customers who bought it. It is rather rare situation, that original ink would be withdrawn from market. We try to keep buffer in our stock, so in withdrawal situation the product most likely can be found there, and has not been sold forward.

How do I know my inks are original?
If you buy your inks from official distributors and well known suppliers in tattoo industry, your inks are 100% original. If you buy inks from eBay or some other not known suppliers in tattoo industry, you most likely buy copies of original inks. You can find copies available made of every major ink brand in tattoo industry. Many of the Safety Gate bans and withdrawals concern copies of original inks.

By using copy inks you take high risk for serious health issues to your customer. These inks can contain large amounts of dangerous ingredients. In some cases you can recognize the copy already by the label, but many of the pirated products are made to look original. Know your supplier, and buy the real stuff.

What Ink brands comply local legislation?
The inks bought from us can be used in most countries worldwide. If you hesitate, check your local legislation, or contact our customer service, and we try our best to help you with this issue as well. All our inks are 100% original and classified as safe to use.

Tattoo contract template
Here you can download an example template for a tattoo contract for use with your customers. The base can be freely modified to suit your preference. Please note that this is not a formal agreement made by an authority. The contract template also includes basic aftercare instructions.
Tattoo contract template can be downloaded here: 
in Finnish | in Swedish | in English

MSDS and CTL Reports for Inks and Pigments
Click to download the reports. PLEASE NOTE! These documents are for inks and pigments sold before 2022 and for inks sold for artistic use purposes. For documents for REACH compliant tattoo inks and pigments that can be used after January 4th 2022 please visit our REACH Database.

Please note that we're still working on gathering various reports and some files might be missing. 
If you have any concerns about any products we're selling feel free to 
contact us.

ArteStylo | ArteStylo MSDS | ArteStylo CTL Part 1 & Part 2 | Sterilization protocol info

Black Stallion | Greywash Kit MSDS | Lining Ink MSDS

Dinamico | MSDS | CTL

Dynamic | Dynamic Black MSDS | Dynamic White MSDS | Dynamic Colors MSDS reports

Eternal Ink | You can find SDS and CTL information for all Eternal Ink inks listed on their website.

Ever After Pigments | Manufacturer FAQ and MSDS can be found on their website here. Individual pigment # used for each color are listed in the product description.

Fusion Ink | MSDS | CTL Reports

Intenze | MSDS Reports can be found at Intenze's MSDS database. For CTL information, including Heavy Metals/PAH/Aromatic amines, visit Intenze's CTL database. Choose the type of report you want to view and then the name of the ink.

Jet Black | MSDS CTL

Kuro Sumi | Kuro Sumi Colors MSDS | CTL Reports for Kuro Sumi Colors, Lining Ink, Shading and Bronze and Cherry Shading King Kong Black MSDS EN | King Kong Black MSDS FI | Kuro Sumi Outlining and Graywash MSDS | Kuro Sumi Bronze and Cherry Shading MSDS

Makkuro | Makkuro Sumi Blacks/Greywash MSDS

Millennium | MSDS

Nocturnal Ink | MSDS

Nuclear White | Nuclear White MSDS

Perma Blend | Perma Blend CTL Perma Blend SDS

Quantum Ink | Basic Colors MSDS | Arron Raw Skull & Bones Shading Set MSDS | Sea Shepherd Set MSDS

Radiant Colors | MSDS | Harajuku Shading/Outlining MSDS

Sacred Color | Lauro Paolini Black SDS | Sacred Color LIner SDS | Sacred Color Tribal SDS | Sacred Color Light Sumi SDS | Sacred Color Dark Sumi SDS

Silverback Ink | MSDS | CTL | DOC

Solid Ink  | General MSDS | CTL Certificates

Universal Black | MSDS CTL

Viking Ink | General MSDS | Black Tribal MSDS | Black Lining, Black Dynamite and Shading ink CTL

World Famous Ink | All Colors MSDS | Silvano Fiato set MSDS: LightDarkMixExtreme BlackBlack | CTL Reports; Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

For more CTL reports visit The CTL EU database and search by ink name or brand.

MSDS and other certificates for other products
Click to download the reports. Please note that we're still working on gathering various reports and some files might be missing.

Aloe Tattoo | Red Out SDS | Stencil Eraser SDS | Stencil Plus SDS | Stencil Premium SDS

Ammonia Inhalant | MSDS

Anchored | MSDS

Believa | Believa Professional Butter MSDS Believa Aftercare Safety Certificate

Betewipe | Betewipe Cleaning Cloth MSDS

Bheppo | Bheppo Professional Tattoo Butter MSDS | Bheppo Professional Tattoo Glide MSDS

Biotat | Numbing Green Soap CPNP / Soap Safety Assesment (applies to concentrate, ready to use and foam, same formulation is used) | Numbing Tattoo/PMU Glide CPNP / Glide Safety Assesment | Numbing Tattoo/PMU Butter CPNP / Butter Safety Assesment (also applies to aftercare butter)

Bishop Rotary | Bishop Rotary machines EC declaration of conformity (DOC) | CE certifications

Body Jewelry | Titanium and 316L body jewelry certificates and test reports

Cheyenne | Certificates | Needles DOC

Clinibact | MSDS

COMED | Comed Silicon Spray SDS

Cosco Green Soap | MSDS

DC Invention Company | Ink Protector MSDS | Ink Booster MSDS

Deche | GOODINK Tattoo Jelly CPNP | GOODINK+ Butter CPNP

Dermalize | Dermalize Film Datasheet | Dermalize Total Black Film MSDS | Blue Soap Datasheet | Soft Wash Datasheet | Velvet Cream Datasheet | Miracle Butter Datasheet | Stencil Glue Datasheet

Desinfektol | MSDS

Dettol | Dettol MSDS

Dr. Johnson's | Antiseptic Disinfectant Original and Antiseptic Disinfectant Spray SDS | Anti-Bacterial Cleanser SDS

Easy Cleaning | Easy Cleaning Alcohol Based Gel MSDS | Easy Cleaning Hand Gel CPNP | Easy Cleaning Surfaces MSDS | Septigel Alcohol-Based Gel for Hand Disinfection SDS

Easy Piercing | Easy Piercing Hygienic Solution MSDS | Easy Piercing Mouthwash CPNP | Easy Piercing Saline Solution MSDS / CPNP | Easy Piercing Soft Cleansing Gel MSDS / CPNP

Easy Stuff | CPNP

Easy Tattoo | Easy Tattoo Cleansing Gel MSDS / CPNP | Easy Tattoo Kit CPNP | Easy Tattoo Permanent Makeup Cream | Easy Tattoo Repair Cream MSDS / CPNP | Easy Tattoo Sunstick Extreme CPNP | Easy Tattoo Vaseline MSDS / CPNP | Easy Tattoo Witch Hazel CPNP | Easy Tattoo White Soap MSDS

EasyInn Butter | EasyInn Butter CertificationIngredient list

ECOTAT | ECOTAT Clipcord sleeve permeability test certificate

Electrum | Electrum Tattoo Stencil MSDS | NOX Violet SDS | Electrum Stencil Marker MSDS

EZ Needles | EZ Needle Cartridges CE Certificate | CE Test Report

Ferei | Ferei Batteries MSDS

Forte Stencil | Forte Stencil Solution MSDS

Gentian Violet | Gentian Violet MSDS

Gojo | Antimicrobial Foam Soap MSDS | Gojo Freshberry Soap MSDS | Gojo Pomeberry Soap MSDS | Gojo Hand Medic Skin Conditioner SDS

Grippaz | User Information PDF

H2Ocean | H2Ocean Aquatat Cream MSDS | H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap MSDS | H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Care Cream / Ocean Care MSDS | H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Foam / Ocean Foam MSDS

Hornet | Honey Stencil MSDS

HULK | Hulk Super Bond Stencil Liquid MSDS

Hustle Butter | MSDS

Imax | Imax Green Soap MSDS | Imax Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution MSDS

InkEeze | InkEeze Aftercare Cream MSDS (old version) | InkEeze Ink Lock Aftercare Cream SDS | InkEeze Aftercare Spray MSDS (old version)| InkEeze Ink Lock Aftercare Spray SDS | InkEeze Ink Shield Sunscreen Spray SPF50+ SDS | InkEeze Daily Moisturizer MSDS | InkEeze Black Glide SDS | InkEeze Green Glide SDS | InkEeze Pink Glide SDS | InkEeze Purple Glide SDS | InkEeze Biogel SDS

Inked Army | Oxxolon MSDS EN | Vaseline Aloe MSDS DE/EN | Vaseline Calendula MSDS DE/EN | Vaseline Eukalyptus MSDS DE/EN | Vaseline White MSDS DE/EN

Ink Machines | Dragonfly X2 CE Declaration of Conformity | Stingray X2 CE Declaration of Conformity | Scorpion CE Declaration of Conformity

KAI Medical | Biopsy Punch DOC | Biopsy Punch EN ISO13485:2016 Certificate | Biopsy Punch EC Certificate

Kiilto Clean | Erinox MSDS

Kwadron | Kwadron Needles, Tips and Grips CE certificate

Led Table | Led Table A2/A3/A4/A4 Ultra Declaration of Conformity

Licoprop | MSDS

Lucky Supply | Stencil Green MSDS

LV | LV Ethanol Based Hand Sanitizer SDS (FI)

Magic Moon | Green Soap Foam MSDS

Niagara Tattoo Gel | Niagara Tattoo Gel MSDS

Pal TX | Multipurpose Sanitising Wipes SDSEfficacy Testing Summary

Panthera | Panthera Green Soap MSDS

Pelikan | Pelikan Drawing Ink SDS | Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink MSDS

Picreator | Groom/Stick SDS | Pre-lim MSDS | Renaissance Metal De-Corroder MSDS | Renaissance Wax MSDS | Vulpex Liquid Soap MSDS

Purell | Purell AD MSDS | Purell Antimicrobial Wipes Plus SDS

Raicas | Raicas MSDS

Rapidex | Rapidex Powder MSDS | Rapizyme MSDS

Red Fire Stencil | Red Fire Stencil MSDS

Rotring | Black Isograph Ink MSDS (FI) | Art Pen Ink Cartridge MSDS (FI) | Tikky Graphic Fineliner MSDS (FI)

S8 | Transfer Gel MSDS | Stencil Paper MSDS | Soap MSDS | Needle Cleaner MSDS | Tattooing Gel MSDS

Sharpie | Fine and Ultra Fine Colors MSDS (FI) | Fluo XL Colors MSDS (FI) | Metallic Colors MSDS (FI) | Neon Colors MSDS (FI)

Sorry Mom | Sorry Mom Process Butter CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) | Sorry Mom Tattoo Soap CPSR | Sorry Mom Hold Fast Stencil Gel CPSR | Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm CPSR | Sorry Mom Tattoo Cleanser CPSR | Sorry Mom Tattoo Lotion CPSR

Spirit | Spirit Thermal Copier Paper MSDS | Spirit Vegan Thermal Paper MSDS | Sprit Transfer Cream Green MSDS | Sprit Transfer Cream Standard MSDS

Stencil Stuff | Prep Stuff MSDS | Stencil Stuff MSDS | Spray Stuff MSDS Redemption MSDS

Suprasorb | Suprasorb Film Dressing MSDS

Talens | Talens Drawing Ink SDS | Talens Indian Ink SDS

Tattoo Finish | MSDS

Tattoo Goo | Tattoo Goo MSDS | Tattoo Goo Renew MSDS | Tattoo Goo Stencil Stay MSDS | Tattoo Goo Stencil Off MSDS | Pro Artist Tattoo Processing Butter MSDS

Tattoo Defender | After Ink Classic Datasheet | After Ink Nature Datatsheet | Ink Revitalizer Datasheet | Sunny Side Datasheet | Stencil Grip Datasheet | Stencil Clean Datasheet

Tattoo Shine | Tattoo Shine MSDS

TatuYou | TatuDerm Stencil Prep MSDS | InkJet Stencil MSDS

Teknon | Biocleanse SDS (the Biocleanse wipes are saturated with the same detergent)

The Aftercare Company | Tattoo Aftercare Original SDS | Tattoo Aftercare Vegan SDS | Piercing Aftercare SDS | Micro Aftercare for Microblading and Micropigmentation SDS | Laser Aftercare SDS

Tombow | ABT Dual Brush Pens MSDS | Dermatology Certificate

Tristel | Distel High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant SDS Enzystel Intrument Cleaner SDS

Unistar | Unistar Green Soap MSDS

Vi-Jon | Witch Hazel MSDS Rubbing alcohol 70% MSDS

Viking Ink | Viking Ink Bio Skin MSDS | Viking Ink Cool Mint Butter MSDS

Viscot Pen | Viscot 1451 MSDS / DOC Viscot 1440 EZ Removable Ink Skin Marker 1440 | Viscot 1447 XL Prep Resistant Skin Marker