Wipe Outz Dry-WHITE Premium Tattoo Towel 10-pack

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WIPE OUTZ Advanced DRY Tattoo Towels! Ready-to-use, STERILIZED, durable, high-absorbency, premium DRY tattoo towels. 10 Count Packs

- Cleaner and Softer than traditional paper towels with no residue and no lint that will never leave you with a nasty "needle clog"!
- Towel size: 20,3cm x 15,2cm (8" x 6")
- Wipe Outz Premium towels are made out of 100% biodegradable plant-based fibers
- Durable long lasting material!
- NO SHRED HEAD! Tattoo the head all day with one Wipe Outz with not with sign of lint. It's not paper!
- Extremely less abrasive compared to traditional paper towels!
- Tested and approved by the industry's most respected artists
- Alcohol, fragrance, and latex free
- Vegan! No animal testing!

Your clients will feel the difference and will be able to sit still longer due to a softer wipe!

Created by artists for artists and their clients.

WIPE OUTZ premium 10 count packs are the perfect amount to start and complete a tattoo without using a single paper towel!



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