Meta 2.0 Workstation - Ultimate Master Pack - Gloves on Right

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META 2.0 Ultimate Master Pack (Gloves on the Right side) - Inside the box:
- META Workstation
- 2 standard wheels
- 2 Wheels with brakes (lock)
- 1 META Gloves Extension (RIGHT side)
- 1 META Cups Extension (LEFT side)
- 1 META Back Shelf
- 6 Cable Managers
- 4 Long drawer dividers
- 8 Short drawer dividers
- 3 Big Drawer Dividers

5 years after its release, the initial version of META is now officially discontinued. The reason? Despite being considered the best Workstation on the market, we knew we could do better. And so we did. After years of constant testing and feedback, we are now releasing an even more efficient and professional workstation: META 2.0. It's the perfect combination of space optimization, large storage capacity, functionality and design.

META Tattoo Workstation is the next generation of tattoo workstations. 100% made in Europe. With strong steel body, built-in power source, a
plenty of storage space and unlimited customization possibilities, this tattoo workstation will transform the way you tattoo.

Here's how:
- +50% work space - use your medical tray without limits
- Compact Volume - compact design to fit perfectly in your workplace
- 6 Power Sources - 4 plug ins (EU) and 2 USB ports to empower your power supply, tattoo machine, phone and others
- +20 Layouts - +20 different combinations to keep your needles, grips, tips, cartridges and other disposables inside the drawers
- Lockable drawers - keep all your goods safe
- Big Storage - bottom 33cm tall drawer to store big ink bottles and other stock material

What's new?
- A more robust product architecture. The new META 2.0 has been optimized with a new internal body architecture that optimizes the use of metal and creates an even stronger body frame. Creating a body that's more sturdy, resistant, and ultimately, lighter.
- Interlocking drawer system. After listening to hundreds of artists, we've improved all drawers with a new locking system that prevents them from opening while moving the station.
- Perfurated side surface for a new generation of accessories. The ink drawers have been removed and replaced with a new side surface that has 2 pop nuts that allow infinite expansion for new accessories.
- New medical grade deep black finish. Due to all the cleaning products you use daily, we know that corrosion is a problem for any tattoo artist.
With this in mind, we worked closely with our laboratory partners to develop a new pigment that's highly resistant to corrosion. Through a surface preparation by multi-stage pretreatment using either zinc phosphate, the new polymer is chemically applied on all surfaces using an electrostatic spray.
- The new META 2.0 is also fully compatible with the original META accessories for ease of use

Product details:
- Weight: 60 kg
- Dimensions without wheels (length x width x height): 680 mm x 509 mm x 658 mm
- Material: High Quality DC01 Stainless Steel
- Medical grade deep black finish
- 100% Made in Europe

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