A12t Dilutus 80% Disinfectant Wipe - 1pc

A12t Dilutus 80% Disinfectant Wipe - 1pc

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A12T Dilutus single packed disinfectant wipe.

Disinfectant wipe saturated with A12t Dilutus 80% ethanol disinfectant. A12t Dilutus 80% is a lightly denatured ethanol solution suitable for skin disinfection before invasive prodecures and disinfection of non-invasive healthcare tools and devices. Not suitable for use on the mucous membrane or surfaces that are not alcohol proof.

How to use:
Use on clean, dry skin or surface. Can be used as is. Use the disposable towelette to wipe the surface, instrument or skin carefully. Make sure the towelette is wet when wiping, if not the product has dried and will no longer disinfect as intended. Wipe for 20 seconds and let dry for 10 seconds. The wiped surface is disinfected when the product has dried.

Composition of saturated A12t Dilutus 80% disinfectant:
Ethanol (denat. A12t®) 85.5% w / w
Aqua ad 100%

- Single packed wipe, price per 1pc
- 19 x 11,50cm size, suitable for small surface and skin cleaning

Made in Finland.

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