Intenze One Cap Sleeve 6x1,8ml - Light Purple

Intenze One Cap Sleeve 6x1,8ml - Light Purple

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Package of 6pcs of 1,8ml Intenze One Cap ink caps.

Single Use. Sterile. Convenient. Compact. - The Intenze One Caps are perfect for traveling artists, or any artists interested in a more intuitive, convenient ink product to improve their work flow.

What makes the One Caps so special?

1. They are a sterile, pre-poured, single use product. And they are currently the only product like this on the market. Skip always pouring your inks and minimize your travel weight at the same time, so you can get to tattooing quicker.

2. They feature a sticky side underneath each cap. The sticky applicator surface reduces the chance of spillage and knocking over cups while dipping, resulting in a faster work flow.

3. Each cap has an interlocking mechanism. Lock caps together to keep your work station tidy. Results in a better work flow.


All Intenze inks are sterile and vegan.

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