Sunskin Small-V Traditional Power Liner (9-18RL) - Iron

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Peso de entrega: 400 g

The Small-V Iron Traditional Setting is a tattoo machine with frame obtained from a single block of iron and its weight is 215 grams. Perfect for old school tattoo style.

The Small V Iron is now available with a traditional setting for the execution of the traditional tattoo style. Accurate tests and setting studies have led up to this version which differs from the other models but keeps unchanged the high quality that characterizes our entire collection of tattoo machines. In addition, the original hole manufacturing of the frame makes the machine unique and helps achieving a further reduction of the weight.

Each power liner machine has been assembled and set up for lining, in the case of the power liner it is made for bigger liner needles. The mechanical part makes the difference - the liner has 10 wrap coils and the combination of springs and armature bar together with coils has been set up for lining specifically.

- Power liner
- Best for needles 9-18RL at about 7 - 9 Volts
- 10W custom design coils
- Brass bindings
- Silver contact screw
- Iron frame, made from a single block of iron
- Machine weight: approx. 215 grams
- Model: 2021

Manual included (IT/EN). Each machine is engraved with serial number and year of manufacture (number may vary from the product image).

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