LACEnano Tattoo Machine and Power Unit Combo

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Please note! The few last units we have left in stock have some dents on the carrying case that comes included on the set, this is why they are being sold at a discount. Everything else included is in untouched condition and full warranty is offered normally.

LACEnano tattoo machine box

With every LACEnano you get:

1 x LACEnano rotary tattoo machine
1 x LACEnano power supply
1 x Wall-wart adapter with EU, UK and USA electric plugs (you get all three)
1 x LACEnano power cable
1 x aluminum flight case with custom foam insert to store all of the above

Lightest rotary tattoo machine
Simple, clean and efficient new age tattoo machine

- 100% maintenance free
- Fully autoclavable (including the motor)
- Lightest tattoo machine on the market (45g)
- Ergonomic holding position with both liner and magnum needles

Simple and effective design
Feels like a pen and works like a heavy tattoo machine

- Innovative tube clamping system
- Independently adjustable speed, power and stroke
- Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum

Technical information - Rotary tattoo machine

- 40W long-life proprietary brushless motor
- Magnetic drive
- Infinitely adjustable stroke from 0 to 6mm without tools
- Infinitely adjustable give (softness) without tools
- Weight: 45g (~1.6 oz) (Including the motor)
- Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum
- High quality Neutrik (R) connectors
- Fully autoclavable (Including the motor)
- Innovative tube clamping system

Technical information - Power supply

- LACEnano brushless 3.5 mm connector
- Input voltage 110 - 230 V
- Compact and lightweight package (size of a pack of cigarettes)

Since LACEnano machine is built around a special 3-phase brushless motor, it needs to be powered exclusively by the LACEnano power unit. For that reason LACEnano machine won't work with other power units.


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