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In the ever changing and improving tattoo world where standards are continually rising with realism and hyper-realism becoming the norm. We at Stencil Honey felt the need for a product to rival the consistently high standard of work being produced.

Stencil Honey is a long lasting stencil gel solution for crispy and accurate stencil work. Very suitable for fine details and for extra bold lines. Vegan friendly. Registered in CPNP database and permitted for skin contact.

Developed by Northern Ireland tattoo artists Tom Kerr & Darren Millar with a wealth of industry knowledge spanning 20+ years, these guys knew they needed a better stencil product than was currently available.

A lot of other brands did not stand up to the requirements that artists now needed; 2/3 day convention pieces, collaboration work and a need to hold stencils fast for full day sittings

This meant developing a brand new product that outperforms these needs to ensure stencils remain in place to keep these standards at the highest level. Many tests and formulations were trialled before settling for what we believe to be the best stencil product out there

We hope you enjoy using our product as much as we do!

How to use for best results:
1. Clean skin with green soap or similar
2. Wipe skin area with alcohol or surgical spirit
3. Apply Stencil Honey to area (do not over wet!)
4. Allow to become sticky/tacky consistency
5. Apply Stencil
6. Leave on for 30-40 seconds
7. Remove stencil & gently pat area dry with paper towel/kitchen roll
8. Let it dry for 10 minutes
9. Tattoo!

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis, Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Carbomer polysorbate-20, Alcohol, Colour E-102 Tartrazine, E129 Allure Red.

200ml bottle.

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