The Cheyenne cartridge system made new marks in the tattoo market. No more tedious putting together different units for one customer, no more switching between liners and shaders. So much time saved and thus many more costumers served.


What we take for granted others may not. You want your machines and costumers to remain safe and sound? Then use only original Cheyenne cartridges. The unique safety membrane ensures that no pigment can enter the motor and that no contaminated germs, viruses or bacteria can pass through the membrane and get into your client's bloodstream. Our cartridges are for single-use only and guarantee results on highest level. More than 50 safe and highly precise needle configurations allow you limitless creativity.


Needle size 0,25mm

3liner micro, 5liner micro, 7liner micro, 3shader micro, 5shader micro

Needle size 0,30mm

3liner, 5liner, 7liner, 9liner, 5shader, 7shader, 9shader, 15shader, 7mag, 23mag, 27mag, 7mag soft edge, 23mag soft edge, 27mag soft edge, 3liner bugpin, 5liner bugpin, 7liner bugpin, 9liner bugpin, 7mag soft edge bugpin, 9mag soft edge bugpin, 23mag soft edge bugpin, 27mag soft edge bugpin, 5liner medium taper, 7liner medium taper, 9liner medium taper

Needle size 0,35mm

11liner, 13liner, 11shader, 13shader, 5flat, 9flat, 13flat, 5mag, 9mag, 11mag, 13mag, 15mag, 17mag, 9mag soft edge, 13mag soft edge, 15mag soft edge, 17mag soft edge, 5mag bugpin, 13mag soft edge bugpin, 15mag soft edge bugpin, 17mag soft edge bugpin, 11liner medium taper

Needle size 0,40mm

1liner, 7liner power, 9liner power


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