Lucky Supply One Off Rollomatic Liner - Gold

Lucky Supply One Off Rollomatic Liner - Gold

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Custom One Off Gold finish Rollomatic Liner

The Rollomatic Liner Features:
- Custom finished frame with brass hardware and a sterling silver contact screw
- 1 1/4" 8-wrap pure iron core coils wound with precision in-house
- Stamping on frame may vary
- Machine weight: 231 grams (8.1 oz)

Fad and fancy come and go, but legend and legacy are forever. With the tragic loss of Mike Malone, we were all on the verge of losing the legacy of his monumental tattoo machine building knowledge, ability and tradition. That loss would have included his long standing, signature "Rollomatic" machine and the rights that he held to the genuine "Bulldog" machine, but fortunately for all of tattooing Keith Underwood was taught all of the tricks and tips in Malone's machine building arsenal. And so the legacy continued.

Keith was bequeathed the sole rights to both the Rollomatic and the Bulldog, but keeping up with demand for tattoo machines had become secondary to being a family man. He decided to pass the entire package on to someone who will truly nurture and preserve the integrity of the line. All of Malone's knowledge, tricks and techniques are still headed down the same path of legend in new hands.

Jimmy Whitlock of Lucky Supply is the sole custodian of the rights and the practical building knowledge of the Sailor Jerry Bulldog and the Mike Malone Rollomatic tattoo machine lineage. He honors the tradition of these great men and machines by continuing to make Rollomatics and Bulldogs with the same look, feel and function of the time-honored genuine article.

Make no mistake about it. When you buy a "Mike Malone Rollomatic" or a "Bulldog" by Lucky Supply, you are buying a genuine piece of tattoo history.

Lucky Supply Products are proudly made in the USA by Lucky Mfg.

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