AAA-Dental Sterilization Pouch 200pcs

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1 box contains 200 pcs

Easy to use self-sealing sterilization pouches with built-in steam indicator and chemical indicator


  • the sterilization pouches are sealed by four independent seals in order to avoid separation and ripping by the instruments
  • pouches are made of high quality Swedish paper
  • large indicator arrows that change colour after completion of the sterilization process
  • thumb space for easy opening after sterilization
  • pre-perforated rim for correct and hermetically closing
  • safe closing without using a film-welding appliance
  • blue coloured transparent foil for easy view at the instruments and for the identifying of any damage in the foil
  • rounded edges to avoid the curling of the pouches after the sterilization process
  • do not use for/ or together with plastic parts/and or plastic components

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