Tombow ABT Dual Brush Galaxy Colours 10-pack

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Toimituksen paino: 220 g

Set of 10 water-based colors to create infinite galaxies - Explore the depths of the galaxy - with the Tombow Galaxy colors! In the set, you will find the right color tones for creating purple and magenta galaxies, including gray and black for matching moon images.

Galaxy art is frequently used as a background for black silhouettes or for filling in silhouettes of animals, city skylines, or people.

The following colors are included in the set: ABT-407, 493, 555, 636, 665, 755, 803, 873, N15, N55

Brush Pen with two tips. The fine tip is mainly used, when drawing exact lines. The second tips is thicker and flexible like a brush. Available in 95 vivid colours + Blender. Water-based colours can be mixed together and used as watercolours. Perfect for creating cards, producing motifs, sketching, drawing comics, illustrating and much more. These pens are odourless. Colours are not light-resistant.

Do you want to create beautiful Mandalas yourself? Simply download our iPad app and get started!

For more information & tips read The ABT Dual Brush Pen Product Leaflet and The ABT Dual Brush Pen Lettering Leaflet!

ABT Colour Selector & ABT Colour Tracker
Due to the great number of ABT Dual Brush Pen colours it might sometimes be difficult to keep track of the shades you own.

Therefore, our colleagues at Tombow US created two great tools to track your colours: the new Colour Selector and Colour Tracker. You can download them now from here, for free!

ABT_colour_selector.pdf                         ABT_colour_tracker.pdf

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