Tombow ABT Dual Brush Watercoloring Set - Greenery

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Watercolor set for watercolor plants. Designed by May & Berry.

Whether floral illustrations or trendy plants such as Monstera, Pilea, and succulents - with the watercolor sets, you are ideally equipped for your watercolor illustrations. The sets have been designed and put together by the artistic duo May & Berry, and include a small set of instructions with tips and tricks from the pros.

The set contains five ABT Dual Brush Pens with a fine tip and a brush tip for variable stroke widths. You can mix the colors in advance on the blending palette included and then pick them up and apply them with the water brush, creating a watercolor effect. With the MONO 100 pencil and MONO dust CATCH eraser, you sketch your illustrations and then erase the guidelines again without eraser fragments. Finally, you can add outlines to your illustration with the MONO fineliner drawing pen.

Watercoloring Set Greenery contains:
1 × of each Brush Pens: ABT-098, 228, 249, 312, N52
1 x Mono Drawing Pen Fineliner  (line thickness 0.24mm) (WS-EFL01)
1 x Smudge Proof Pencil MONO 100 hard (MONO-100-H)
1 x Eraser MONO dust CATCH (EN-DC)
1 x Water brush fine (WB-FN-1P)
1 x Blending palette
1 x Instructions

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