Victor Portugal Shock Absorber Needles 40pcs

Victor Portugal Shock Absorber Needles 40pcs

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Victor Portugal needles bring you the ultimate tool for artistic and custom tattooing, with a unique shock-absorber system incorporated on the needle-bar that allows you to work more freely, giving you the best results on color blending, smoother black and grey shading and solid outlining work, creating less trauma or even less bleeding to the skin.
Victor Portugal needle-bar system is compatible with any regular machine and grip set ups, it means that you keep using your favorite tools, we just bring you the most innovated tattoo needle-bar system ever made. Victor Portugal needles is designed by tattooers for tattooers.

Shock Absorber Needle Features:
- Better color blending
- Smoother black and grey shading
- Less impact
- More solid outlines
- Better healing

- Long Taper needles
- 40pcs per box

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