Aloe Tattoo - Red Out - Bioactive Calming Foam - 220ml

Aloe Tattoo - Red Out - Bioactive Calming Foam - 220ml


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The Red Out Bioactive Calming Foam is a soapy solution that is free of PEG, sulfates and preservatives.

The foam composed of tensile-active agents of natural origin and bio-active agents from the Camomile flower. This gives it a remarkable soothing and sanitizing effect on irritated skin during and at the end of the tattoo process. Ideal for a perfect tattoo finish!

How to use:
Apply a moderate amount of the foam (1-2 presses of the pump) on previously moistened skin. Do this during breaks in the tattooing process and at the end of it.
Massage the foam over the area gently with your fingertips. Let the product act for at least 2 minutes. Rinse with water and dry with tissue paper towels without rubbing the skin.

220ml foam bottle.

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