Bishop Rotary Wand - Shader - 3.5mm Stroke

Bishop Rotary Wand - Shader - 3.5mm Stroke


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What makes the Wand special? THE MAGIC IS IN THE MOTOR - 2 different custom FAULHABER motors, to be exact.

Franco Vescovi - a tattoo artist & machine builder for over 25 years - had a goal: create the perfect rotary pen for each artist. For over 4 years, he experimented with countless prototypes & motors.

Based on feedback from artists all over the world, and his knowledge & experience, Franco created 3 versions of the WAND: SHADER, PACKER, LINER.
Each version takes 1 of 2 custom FAULHABER motors - the right magical blend of torque, RPM, and nominal voltage - and precisely pairs it with the right stroke. We are looking forward to seeing the magic you create with your Wand!

The SHADER WAND is perfect for fine lines, smooth black & gray, realistic shading, and more. It's your all-in-one machine if you're solely a black & gray realistic artist. It has a softer motor precisely paired with a 3.5 stroke.

- 3.5mm stroke
- Brushed motor with custom winding with built-in give to allow for a softer realistic hit
- Intended for Black & Gray Shading, Realistic Gray Tones and Fine Lines
- Can be used for all your Black & Gray needs, even lining

Technical details:
- Adjustable Needle depth up to 6 mm
- Custom Faulhaber Motor
- Precision movement
- Machine weight: approx. 115 grams (4 oz)
- Height: 95 mm (3.74")
- Diameter: 30 mm (1.18")
- Matte Black Cap & Grip
- Hand Polished Band
- Made in the U.S.A
- Aircraft Aluminum
- RCA Cord Included

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