Cheyenne Spirit Black & 25mm Black Grip


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The HAWK Spirit is robust, quiet and light tattoo machine. The 2.5 mm stroke of the HAWK Spirit is perfect for shading and filling. The ergonomic features and excellent workmanship of the tattoo machines guarantee safe, clean and gentle work.

In 2007, Cheyenne gave the rotary machine a new face and revolutionized the tattoo machine market with the introduction of the HAWK. The low weight and barely noticeable vibrations allow long tattoo sessions with the highest precision minus the fatigue. Our focus on power combined with smooth running, ergonomics and quality has taken rotary machines to a new level.

Today HAWK Spirit and HAWK Thunder are probably the most frequently used tattoo machines worldwide. Their users know why: You get a robust machine with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Due to its stroke of 2.5 mm, the HAWK is the perfect choice, when it comes to lining and color packing.

The low weight and hardly noticeable vibrations allow long tattoo sessions with highest precision without fatigue. The HAWK Spirit is the ideal device for soft shading and filling.

- Perfect for shading and filling
- Low vibration and volume 
- Stroke of 2.5 mm/0.10 inch
- Responsive Mode for reactive hit and stitch frequency
- Can be customized with 2 HAWK grips of different sizes
- Adjustable needle depth (0 - 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
- Connection via movable jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement, innovative jack cage guarantees optimum protection of the plug connection 
- Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
- Made in Germany

HAWK Spirit Technical Details:
Operating Voltage: 5-12 V DC
Stitch Frequency: 70-160 Hz
Stroke: 2.5 mm
Connection: 3.5 mm jack connection
Drive: Precision DC motor 
Operating Mode: Continious operation
Dimensions (L X W X D): 110 x 75 x 28mm
Weight: Approx. 90 grams
Warranty: 24 months
Package includes:
Cheyenne Hawk SPIRIT
Connection cable + adapter to use with non-Cheyenne power supplies
25mm Hawk Grip

WARNING: As with other Cheyenne machines you should only use Cheyenne cartridges with the Hawk Spirit machine. The warranty will be voided if your machine gets damaged due to using non-Cheyenne cartridges. Also please remember; never try to lubricare your Cheyenne machine with oil or grease since that will void warranty as well. Please see manual for additional details.

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