Dan Kubin - Sidewinder V6.1 - Blue Mercedes/Black

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The Sidewinder V6 is the ultimate rotary liner! Effortlessly sink any size line by just grazing the skin.

New in V6.1: Added secondary timing mark on the frame to better show the upstroke adjustment. New ambidexterous thumb screw, the thumb screw can be moved to either side to make the machine more comfortable to use regardless of handedness. The video below showcases these new features in more detail.

- Now easier to tune and has the silent option!
- Designed for standard needles only! (for a cartridge friendly liner, please check out the DMC)
- Can be used as a shader/packer, but does best running on the faster side
- Primarily designed as a large grouping effortless liner
- It can be also used for small groupings with simply shortening the stroke or running slower
- Average volts is 5-6.5 depending on the needle grouping
- Weighs approximately 176 grams (6.2 ounces)

"I have made some very significant revisions to this latest Sidewinder. The most noticeable is the shortened body length. While I shortened the body, I also was able to lengthen the armature bar substantially. This allows for a harder hitting machine with less spitting and nipple shredding issues.

The stoke adjustment has a click locking mechanism. It won't move on it's own, but with a gentle turn, the knob can be finely tuned for that perfect hit at your desired voltage/speed.

I have also included a follower spring to the pivot mechanism. This allows for a wider power band for those who want it slow and hard or fast and softer.

Another plus is that you can use it as an emergency backup spring for either the main pivot or stroke.  All the springs are interchangeable now!

On the subject of breaking springs, I have incorporated  backer springs for the pivot and stroke.  This should dramatically reduce the risk of breakage!

I have increased the weight slightly.   All the weight is forward and balanced, and the added heft really soaks up the vibration and adds to the precision and efficiency of the machine. The clipcord connection is also moved forward to help with the weight offset.

I have been on a constant mission to develop a Sidewinder that is easier to tune, stay in tune, and be able to drive the largest of liners, while having a large enough power band to handle the small stuff as well.

This machine has met those requirements, and I am excited to get them into the hands of skilled tattooers!
Loving your labor begins with the right tools!"

- Dan Kubin

For general care instructions for your machine please read the Sidewinder V6 Care Sheet.

PLEASE NOTE! All Dan Kubin machines can only be serviced by Dan Kubin, distributors are not allowed to perform any maintenance or replace machines and the manufacturer can give the best possible help. For maintenance, technical issue support and warranty issues please contact Dan Kubin directly.


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