Dan Kubin - Swingliner - Antique Leprechaun

Dan Kubin - Swingliner - Antique Leprechaun

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Dan Kubin Swingliner Machine

The Swingliner hits like the mix of a Sidewinder and Swinger. It's very punchy with minimal dampening.
It is made for use with cartridges but is standard needle friendly too! Great for lining, color packing, stippling & whip shading.

- Snappy hit running clockwise(positive up), slightly softer running counterclockwise (positive down)
- Works with both cartridges and standard needles
- 4.3mm fixed stroke
- Average voltage range for the Swingliner is 4.5 - 6.5 volts
- No tuning required
- No lubrication
- Patent pending
- Machine weight: 134 grams (4.7 oz)

*Please note there may be some imperfections in the finish due to the way it was created.

PLEASE NOTE! All Dan Kubin machines can only be serviced by Dan Kubin, distributors are not allowed to perform any maintenance or replace machines and the manufacturer can give the best possible help. For maintenance, technical issue support and warranty issues please contact Dan Kubin directly.


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