Dermalize Blue Soap - 1Kg


14,90 / pullo(a)
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Toimituksen paino: 1 100 g


This Blue Soap has been specifically created to gently wash your new tattoo, while keeping its colours safe and vibrant from day one.
Enriched with Aloe Vera extract and Hyaluronic acid, it is perfect even for people with sensitive skin. It has also been clinically tested on sensitive skin to ensure its safety.

Blue Soap is a concentrate that is to be diluted at a 1:10 ratio, the 1Kg bottle will make 10 litres of solution when mixed.

- For use during tattooing
- Volume: 1 kg
- Contains an ingredient with anti-bacterial action
- Petroleum and silicon free
- Vegan friendly
- Cruelty free

Made in Italy.

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