Dr Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Cleanser - 750ml


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Dr Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Cleanser - New Formula guaranteed to kill 99.9% of all known germs including MRSA and E.Coli. An anti-bacterial cleanser that will efficiently clean all those important surfaces leaving them hygienically clean and safe. Leaves no smell or taint.

- Fast and efficient. Spray on and wipe off
- Leaves no smell / odour on surfaces after spraying
- Totally safe on all food surfaces
- Ideal for sanitizing all surfaces
- Not tested on animals
- Tested and passed BS EN1276, BS EN13727, BS EN1650

Directions for use:
Open the nozzle by twisting it. Spray directly onto the surface, leave to work for 5 minutes. Wipe away with damp cloth and allow to dry. On electrical items spray a small amount on a cloth and wipe, do not spray directly.

750ml spray bottle. Made in UK

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