Biotek Lip Pigments Kit 5x7ml

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Lip Pigments kit 5x7ml, includes colors listed below.

Lollipop - An intermediate purplish pink lip color. Perfect and versatile to be shown off on any occasion.

Parfum  - A natural antique pink lip color.

Bubble - A natural, warm nude lip color.

Summer - A bright strawberry lip color. intermediate shade between pinks and reds.

Flower - A nude lip color with a peach accent. Reminds us of the velvet petals during blossom.

BIOTEK colors for PMU and microblading are packaged in a practical airless bottle. This allows you to use up to the last drop without any waste and is also more hygienic thanks to the airless design.

All BIOTEK colors are:
- Produced entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials and sterile
- Vegan and not tested on animals
- Compliant with European and American regulations
- Suitable for permanent make-up and microblading
- Full coverage
- Stable (no color changes)

When using BIOTEK colors please note that;
- Unlike with some other brands, the colors tend to heal a bit warmer than they appear on the bottle
- Lip colors can be mixed with each other and mixers

Product information and documentation for can be downloaded from our REACH Database.

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Biotek 7ml Lollipop
1 pullo(a)
19,90 € / 1 pullo(a)
Biotek 7ml Parfum
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19,90 € / 1 pullo(a)
Biotek 7ml Bubble
1 pullo(a)
19,90 € / 1 pullo(a)
Biotek 7ml Summer
1 pullo(a)
19,90 € / 1 pullo(a)
Biotek 7ml Flower
1 pullo(a)
19,90 € / 1 pullo(a)

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