Eternal Ink, Green Concentrate 15ml


7,00 / pullo(a)
Ilman alv:tä
Toimituksen paino: 35 g


Developed by Terry Welker from Michigan USA with 30 years experience in the industry.
All Eternal inks are sterilised to the highest quality so that they are ready to rock straight from bottle. Inks have passed the stringent tests described in EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1. Eternal ink are one of the only suppliers to sterilise all the tattoo inks that we supply using gamma ray sterilisation which eliminates all bacteria. Label contains all the legal information according to the European regulations.

All Eternal Ink inks are sterile and vegan! Eternal Ink is made of natural pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water.
The pigments are regularly evaluated for testing and cooperate with all regulations.

Made in USA, bottle size 15ml (1/2oz)

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