Eternal Ink 30ml - Marshall Bennett - 40% Graywash

Eternal Ink 30ml - Marshall Bennett - 40% Graywash

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40% Graywash from the new Marshall Bennett Graywash set. The new set has the same quality and application as the old set you know and love, just with a new formula.

The Marshall Bennet 4 piece Graywash set is based on Eternal Ink's new blackest black, the Maxx Black. The inks from this set provide everything that is needed for black and grey work, taking the focus away from mixing and guess work allowing the artist to focus more on the design.

All Eternal Ink inks are sterile and vegan! Eternal Ink is made of natural pigments, deionized water and hamamelis water. The pigments are regularly evaluated for testing and cooperate with all regulations.

Made in USA 30ml (1oz) bottle

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