Equaliser - Astral - Black

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Equalizer Astral is the next step in the development of our top tattoo machines. The highest quality of materials, finishing and fitting the elements together with a powerful engine is a guarantee of great work. Every day!

Astral is a machine that will lead you to the stars!

Small yet powerful - Equalizer Astral has a powerful 6W Direct Drive motor. With great power comes great responsibility. With this in mind, we have developed a special anatomical and ergonomic grip with a width of 40 mm, which allows full control over the powerful ASTRAL machine.

Thanks to all these features, the machine works perfectly and stably during each tattooing procedure. Astral is not afraid of any tattoo style and work. Contours and lines are what he likes best, but it's also great for shading and detailing.

Designing the Equalizer Astral, we wanted to create a machine with a compact size and ergonomic grip shape, and above all, a perfect balance and weight distribution of the machine. As a result, Astral measures only 94 mm in length and weighs 185 grams.

Behold the mighty Equalizer Astral, whose ergonomic shape makes the machine perfectly balanced, making all-day tattooing sessions absolutely hassle-free.
The Equalizer Astral is a great tattoo machine for any artist, regardless of working style, thanks to its reliability, power and precision.

Technical Details:
Motor: 6 W
Stroke: 4 mm
Weight: 185g
Working voltage: 6-8 V, MAX 9 V DC
Length: 94mm
Grip diameter: 40mm
Connector: RCA (cord not included)
Adjustable needle extension: 0-5mm
Warranty: 1 year

Package includes:
Astral machine
Spare O-rings

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