Equaliser - Spike Mini V2 - Black

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The new version of the Equalizer Spike Mini V2 tattoo machine, thanks to the adjustable stroke, is no longer just a machine dedicated to shading. Now it is a universal tool for all kinds of work and techniques!

You can make both lines, shadows and fills with one machine.

The most important thing in the V2 version is the possibility of full stroke adjustment in the range of 2.4 - 4.0mm. You do not need to change the cam to change the stroke length. It is enough to unscrew one screw with an Allen key and change the position of the excenter.

The engine is the same as the V1, but its mounting in the machine has changed, so that the machine works quieter and generates less vibration. The RCA socket and its connection to the motor have also been strengthened from V1.

The design of the machine has also changed significantly. Now it looks much more modern, and sharp lines give it character, revealing its new possibilities.

- Power: 4.5W
- 3 adjustable stroke settings: 2.4mm, 3.2mm 4.0mm
- RCA connection
- Aluminum frame
- Weight: 91 grams
- Recommended voltage: 4-10V
- Possibility to work with disposable and reusable grips, both for cartridges and classic needles, compatible with most options on the market

Manufactured by Kwadron.

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