Equaliser - Mikron Permanent Makeup Machine - Black

Equaliser - Mikron Permanent Makeup Machine - Black


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Toimituksen paino: 180 g

The latest machine from EQUALISER with the thinnest grip in the history of the brand! Prepared especially for permanent make-up. The machine is based on the improved motor used in the MIKRON and MIKRON TURBO machines.

Thanks to the use of ready-made components such as the motor and its casing, the makers of the MIKRON PMU machine were able to focus solely on developing the best grip. This resulted in the creation of a completely unique machine, which has a super thin grip with a diameter of only 16mm and is still compatible with the majority of standard cartridges available on the market!

Not only the small width of the grip makes an impression. The length of machine is 10.5cm, and the weight is only 86grams. These dimensions, weight and ergonomic shape make the MIKRON PMU fit perfectly in the hand - incomparably with any other machine

With the improvement of the motor, the machine's stroke has been optimized. Now, especially for the needs of permanent make-up, it is 2.8mm.

- Super thin grip - only 16mm
- Motor: 4.5W FAULHABER
- Stroke: 2.8mm
- Connector: RCA, hidden in the housing at an angle of 35°
- Aluminum grip with adjustable needle depth 0-4mm
- Weight: 86grams
- Recommended voltage: 6-7,5V, maximum 9V
- Spare O-rings, springs and an easy motor opening tool included for fast and easy maintenance

The cardridgy holder has been adapted for cooperation with the majority of standard model cartridges available on the market.

Manufactured by Kwadron.

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