FK Irons Bubblegum Killswitch and PowerBolt Plus Bundle


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Please note! The Killswitch is not compatible with the original Powerbolt.

Tap into the future with more power thanks to the game-changing technology of the Killswitch and Powerbolt+ bundle. Combined to put even more control into the palm of your hand, our bundle expands artists' capabilities to unlock more possibilities than ever before.

The Killswitch is the first of its kind, controlled by an accelerometer sensor and no mechanical parts for wireless, motion-activated control.

Compatible with the Flux and EXO models, the Powerbolt+ packs up to 10 hours of wireless power, and, paired via Bluetooth with our Killswitch, wireless control is only a tap away. 

Designed with streamlined wireless efficiency, cross-contamination, and ease of travel in mind, this bundle is our state-of-the-art solution to revolutionize your workflow.

Killswitch Features:
- Controlled by an accelerometer sensor with no mechanical parts
- Responsive and charged LED indicators
- Anti-slip mount to keep it in place
- Internal, rechargeable battery 
- Designed to keep sanitation in mind
- Stay up-to-date with Firmware updates via the Darklab app
- Compatible with Powerbolt PLUS, Lightningbolt battery packs and Airbolt power banks
- Diameter x Height: 95 mm x 20 mm
- Weight: 104 grams (3.6oz)
- Material: TPE
- Charging Voltage: 5 V DC
- Charging Current: 0.5 A
- Charging Port: USB-C
- Box includes: Killswitch, USB-C charging cable (no wall adapter), Quick start guide

PowerBolt PLUS Features:
- Up to 10 hours of runtime (charge duration is subject to variation depending on the used voltage, needle brand and size as well as environmental factors such as temperature etc.)
- Compatible with Flux and EXO
- Full Bluetooth connectivity
- Wireless Killswitch compatibility
- USB-C fast charging*
- Intuitive interface
- Expand features with Darklab app
- Output Voltage: 5-12V
- Increment/decrement voltage interval: 0.5 and 0.1V
- Maximum output current: 1 A
- Charger Input: USB-C*
- Dimensions (Ø X H): 30mm X 72mm
- Weight: 85 grams (3 oz)

*USB-C cord not included.

Please note that, like any Li-Ion battery, this battery will also wear down in time and capacity slowly gets lower causing working time to get shorter. This is normal wear over time and is not covered by warranty.

For more information see the PowerBolt Plus Manual. For more information regarding the Darklab App see the Darklab App FAQ's on the manufacturer's website.

The shipping options for this product are limited. The product can't be shipped via express services.

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