InkEeze Ink Shield Sunscreen Spray 180ml

InkEeze Ink Shield Sunscreen Spray 180ml

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Of all the threats to your tattoos' longevity, the sun is the most common culprit. Average sunscreens are cloudy, covering their beauty. Some sunscreens can even permanently damage tattoos.
For the concerned tattooed, there's no simple solution. Until today.

Say hello to Ink Shield! The world's first sunscreen specially formulated for tattoo protection.

We've been up countless nights developing Ink Shield's special INK-BARRIER technology to protect your tattoos during the day.

Ink Shield goes on clear. Your tattoos continue looking pristine.

But that's not all - just like your skin, we've got the environment covered too. While other sunscreens on the market contain ingredients such as Oxybenzone or Octinoxate (which inhibit reef growth), ours does not. Ink Shield is ozone and reef friendly.

So if you've got ink worth protecting, don't choose between the sun or sunscreen - Choose Ink Shield.

- Tattoo Sunscreen SPF 50
- UVA / UVB Blocking
- 180ml (6 oz) spray bottle
- Ink Barrier Technology
- Ozone friendly
- Reef friendly
- Made in the U.S.A
- Coconut Scented

The shipping options for this product are limited due to it being a pressure bottle. The product can't be shipped via express services because pressure bottles are not allowed on planes.

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