InkJet Stencil Starter Kit

InkJet Stencil Starter Kit


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InkJet Stencil Starter Set includes:
1 bottle of InkJet Stencil 120ml
1 Bottle of InkJet Stencil Prep 240ml
1 Pacon tracing paper for stencil printing, pack of 500 sheets

120ml bottle of patented methyl violet formula for printing InkJet Stencils - 120ml will print approximately 3000 stencils!
InkJet Stencil allows you to print high quality stencils with Epson EcoTank printers. Simply fill the printer's ink reservoirs in equal parts and set up your printer like you usually would and you can get to work! You can edit the images in your photo editor, adjust them as needed and then just print them.

Core benefits:
- InkJet Stencils are less than half the price per printed page compared to traditional carbon paper stencils!
- Two bottles are needed to fill all four tanks on a new EcoTank printer, but one 120ml is also enough to work with, just fill the tanks evenly
- High resolution, high detail stencils
- Vegan

PLEASE NOTE! Before use:
- You will need a brand new Eco tank type printer to use the InkJet Stencil, compatible printer models are listed below. The printer has to be 100% unused. There is a risk of severe health issues if the stencils are contaminated with printer ink and you will be putting your client in danger!
- After you use the InkJet Stencil on a printer it is pretty much impossible to get it cleaned so the printer can never be used for anything else
- If you are using only one 120ml bottle make sure you fill out all tanks evenly
- Ensure the printer is in an upright position before use to avoid any failures
- Because the InkJet Stencil system is carbon-less is is vital to use a prep spray for transferring the stencil from the tracing paper to the skin, The InkJet Stencil Prep is recommended
- Pacon Tracing paper for InkJet is recommended
- All questions about the use of this product should be directed directly to the manufacturer through their site at or instagram @inkjetstencils
Unfotunately we cannot provide direct support for the use of this product, you will get the best advice by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Follow these instructions when setting up your new Inkjet Stencils system:
1.) Purchase a NEW Epson EcoTank Printer. Take the printer out of its box and place it on top of the box.
2.) Put on gloves to avoid staining your hands.
3.) For printers with a wide tank opening use the nozzle provided with the InkJet Stencil bottle. For printers with small tank opening use an Epson dispensing cap on the InkJet Stencil bottle. Dispense the InkJet Stencil ink into the printer tanks. PLEASE NOTE! Do not use standard Epson printer ink for stencils!
Put hald of the ink in the black ink tank and divide the rest evenly with the color tanks.
4.) AFTER the ink is in the tanks plug the printer into an outlet and follow the Epson instructions for start up process. Use Epson instructions to connect the printer to your computer either wirelessly or with an USB cable.
Once start up is complete you are ready to print stencils. Whatever you print now becomes the stencil!
5.) We recommend using Pacon tracing paper for best results, you can experiment with other papers too at your own risk. Regular printer paper is stiff and absorbant and will result in a very light stencil transfer so it is far from ideal.
6.) Flip, invert or mirror the image before printing so the image will be correct facing when applied on the skin.
Use an image editor to adjust the contrast, brightness or filthers for optimal stencil image. Photoshop and other such editors work well for this.
7.) Send the image to the printer after selecting either black only or color printing. Both produce the same result but printing black only will use less ink. If the stencil is very dark all 4 tanks will be used to produce a darker result.
8.) Spray Stencil Prep on the skin and rub until absorbed and tacky. Apply the stencil to the skin and hold firmly in place for 60 seconds.
To reposition the stencil apply hand sanitizer or alcohol to remove the stencil.

If you have any questions email the manufacturer at for help.

Compatible Printers: EcoTank ET-2750, EcoTank ET-2700, EcoTank ET-2650, EcoTank ET-2600, EcoTank ET-2550, EcoTank ET-2500
PLEASE NOTE! All the se models can be used with the InkJet Stencil, however the manufacturer recommends the Epson EcoTank ET-2650 model as it allows for the easiest pouring  of the stencil fluid in the tank.

Made in USA.


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