Intercept Copper CU22 Mask Set - Mask + 1pc Filter - Black - Made in Germany


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Your personal protection INTERCEPT CU22 Mouth-Nose Mask with copper polymers.
It is the first tested product, which protects the user actively. Processed and manufactured in Germany, the mask as well as the replaceable filter meet the highest quality requirements.

Set includes:
1 x Mask (with filter inside)
1 x INTERCEPT CU22 bag serves as packaging. Please do not throw it away!

Included products description:
- An INTERCEPT CU22 bag serves as packaging. Please do not throw it away! The bags are designed to kill viruses and bacteria on the surface while you don t use your mask/ filter. The polymerized copper structure offers a safe storage.
- The INTERCEPT CU22 replacement filter has a core of copper polymers with tested, killing function against corona viruses (ISO 18184) and bacteria (JIS Z 2801) and is ldouble sided laminated with filter textiles.
- The INTERCEPT CU22 mask is washable at 60°C and therefore has a long life time.
- The INTERCEPT CU22 filter can be used for max. 4 weeks and has to be replaced afterwards.
- In general, the products don't lose any of their effect, providing the user with full protection. The filter has to be disposed of with the regular garbage.

The Mask benefits from the unique properties of the INTERCEPT structures made of polymerized copper, forming an effective barrier against bacteria and viruses.
The mask is equipped with an additional filter made of copper polymers. Copper is known for its contact effect against bacteria and viruses, which has been scientifically tested and proven by renowned institutes.

Premium Tested:
- DIN 14683 (high oxygen Availability)
- ISO 18184 (Corona Virus killing properties, no Ion-Release)
- JIS Z 2801 (confirmed Bacteria killing properties)

The INTERCEPT CU22 Mouth-Nose Mask is the first product that was completely tested for filtration protection and active virus/ bacterial killing performance. The contact effect with corona viruses was also part of the study. The test results prove that copper polymers combat and kill these viruses. Thus, the INTERCEPT CU22 Mouth-Nose Mask is the first one that not only protects your fellow humans, but also you as the user.

Every drop that could contain bacteria or viruses adheres to the inner layer, which kills them by contact. This active copper barrier provides the highest possible protection against corona viruses as well as other viruses and bacteria.

The INTERCEPT CU22 Mouth-Nose Mask has tying straps. Therefore, it optimally adapts to every head shape and is individually adjustable. This offers a very high wearing comfort, which is especially advantageous for long periods of wear, such as at work. The breathable and air-permeable materials provide a good oxygen supply, resulting in less signs of exhaustion.

For more technical details please see the Intercept CU22 Film Antiviral Activity test results PDF and Intercept CU22 Foam Antiviral Activity test results PDF.

INTERCEPT CU22 products have been carefully designed and tested beyond normal standards and are manufactured under the highest possible quality controls. We will however have to conform to legal requirements and state that our products are not considered Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) or medical devices. This technical description does not represent a warranty of any type given or implied.

German Quality - The materials used for the production of INTERCEPT CU22 products are of high quality, European production and are not cheap imports.


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Intercept Copper CU22 Filter Set 5-pack - Made in Germany Intercept Copper CU22 Filter Set 5-pack - Made in Germany
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