Kuro Sumi Imperial Tattoo Ink - Marble Stone Set 6x44ml

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The Marble Stone Set contains the following colours: Marble Black, Marble White, Limestone Grey, Serpentine Grey, Calcite Grey, Dolomite Grey

The Marble Tone Stone Set features earthy colors that can be used again and again to strengthen any design. These are classic colors ideal for contributing to any style of tattoo.

Kuro Sumi was originally formulated in Japan. The new Imperial range is fully compliant with the new EU REACH regulations, ensuring the very best raw materials and manufacturing process. The result is a flawless, vibrant ink.

We've combined rich history and tradition to create IMPERIAL.

- Contains zero animal products
- Never tested on animals
- Better for immunity and overall health
- More reliable and safer on skin
- Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy
- REACH compliant
- Manufactured adhering to the ISO 13485 quality control system

Made in USA. Vegan friendly. Sterile.

Product information and documentation for the ink can be downloaded from our REACH Database.

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