Morphix Humbolt Kush Grip Cover

Morphix Humbolt Kush Grip Cover

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Humbolt Kush was the first variation in grip cover design since grip covers were first introduced.

Kush does a lot more than dampen vibration. The contours allow for a greater range of motion, and provide leverage & balance which lets you work with a more relaxed grip. The more stable your assembly, the less you need to "clench" it into position. Bottom line: the most comfortable grip cover you'll ever use.

- Available in two sizes: 1" (25mm) and 3/4" (19mm)
- Reduce/eliminate "hand clenching"
- Greater range of motion
- Easily slides on and off all 1" round grips
- Textured, non-slip surface
- 15% larger ID for easier assembly and removal
- Sliding it on upside-down gives you another operative position to choose from
- Designed for both left & right-handed artists
- Autoclavable, the silicone is designed for routine steam heat sterilization (not compatible with dry heat)

Patented & Made in USA

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