Kwadron Sublime Cartridge Needles 20pcs

Kwadron Sublime Cartridge Needles 20pcs

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Sublime are the latest cartridges developed by KWADRON, created to make work easier whith the same excellent quality.

The main difference is flat bottom needle moving system. This ensures that the needle won't twist or bend during use, significantly improving the precision of work. Another change is the new special surface of the tips' interior walls, thanks to this improvement the cartridges have a much better and more even inkflow.

In addition to innovations in KWADRON Sublime cartridges, the unique needle stabilization system, proven in standard KWADRON cartridges, has been used to ensure durability and optimal performance.

- Closer fit of the needle inside the tip improving precision and making it much easier
- Special surface of the tip interior walls for better and more even inkflow and no splash
- Unique needle stabilization system
- Box of 20pcs
- All cartridges are individually packaged and sterilized
- Safety membrane: No

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