Kwadron - Dmitriy Samohin Cartridge Set For Color Works

Kwadron - Dmitriy Samohin Cartridge Set For Color Works


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Dmitriy Samohin Kwadron Cartridge Set for COLOR WORKS - We are pleased to present an artist selected series of KWADRON Cartridges created by one of the best artists in the world Dmitri Samohin!

Each set includes 8 selected sizes and special blade lengths, picked in cooperation with the artist.

The Color Works set includes:
03RSLT-DS 0,35mm
03RLLT-DS 0,35mm
05RLLT-DS 0,35mm
05RSLT-DS 0,35mm
05MGMT-DS 0,35mm
09SEMMT-DS 0,35mm
09RSLT-DS 0,35mm
13SEMMT-DS 0,35mm
8 boxes of 20pcs.

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