Lucky Aki's Magic Touch Aftercare 30ml

Lucky Aki's Magic Touch Aftercare 30ml

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Lucky Aki's Magic Touch is a completely Vegan tattoo aftercare wax.

The birth history of Lucky Aki's Magic Touch, as told by Lucky Aki himself:
"The idea of my own tattoo treatment wax was born after receiving a severe anaphylatic shock from a commonly used treatment lotion after spreading it on my fresh tattoo. I only survived due to the swift action of the paramedics.

Since then I wanted to develop a product that has all the skin-healing properties without fear of allergic reactions. Most competing products designed to treat tattoos have water as the base which in itself does not have any skin-healing properties.
Lucky Aki's Magic Touch tattoo wax is made with no water and no filling agents or color substances. For each ingredient the focus has been on getting the optimal skin healing result and the time spent on this development was almost one and a half years.

Now, I can proudly say Magic Touch is probably the best tattoo product in the world, made entirely in Finland with organic ingredients."

Lucky Aki's Magic Touch contains the following ingredients:
- Sunflower oil: Softens the composition and contains plenty of vitamin E to help rebuild skin cells and prevent scarring.
- Karnauba wax: Softens moisturizes the skin and makes it smoother. Due to the high melting point of the wax, the Magic Touch stays well on the skin surface and protects the subject to which it is applied.
- Jojoba wax: Easily absorbed because of its similiarity to the skin's own fats, contains important vitamins (E and B), minerals (silicon, chromium, copper and zinc), antioxidants and fatty acids.
- Frankincence: Prevents scar tissue fomration and regenerates cells.
- Rosemary: Antibiotic, prevents dirt and bacteria from entering the tattoo site.
- Lavender: Relieves pain and speeds up skin regeneration.
- Coconut oil: An excellent skin moisturizer

If you are interested in getting more in depth information about this product you can contact Lucky Aki himself directly on instagram at @luckyaki_official.

Lucky Aki's Magic Touch tattoo wax is all natural & vegan, made in Finland.

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