Lauro Paolini Adjustable Buddha Grip - 32mm - Smooth Black


Lauro Paolini Adjustable Buddha Grip - 32mm - Smooth Black


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Toimituksen paino: 90 g

Lauro Paolini's new BUDDHA grip is specifically designed to offer an extremely ergonomic, safe and comfortable hold, for long and tiring work sessions.

- 32mm (1.25") grip
- Smooth grooveless grip
- Anodized aluminium body
- Grip weight: 67 grams
- Compatible with most standard model cartridges on the market
- 2 drive bars included
- Made in Italy

Available both in smooth or shaped version to better match each tattooer's personal taste, the BUDDHA boasts a very easy, accurate and reliable adjustment system that thanks to its integrated steel bearings, allows you to find and lock the grip on the exact needle range you desire.

The extra weight, deriving from the remarkable size, helps out the largest needle sets to pierce the skin, saving the tattooer's hand the extra effort.

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