Lauro Paolini 150ml Black

Lauro Paolini 150ml Black


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From twenty years experience in the world of tattooing, Lauro Paolini launches a new black just simply called Black.

This high quality black ink, even blacker than black, has been designed to give Tattoo Artists a completely made in Italy product of the highest quality and with the utmost respect for the demanding European standards.

This Black can be used to create fine lines, large lines, impeccable gray scales and large surface fills.

The lines drawn with this Black do not break under the client's skin and the result of the healed tattoo is perfect and long lasting. It does not lighten and does not tend to blue.

You just have to try it! Do not put your client's safety at risk, invest in products you can trust. Make sure to use a professional diluent to thin the product.

150ml (5 oz) bottle.

All Lauro Paolini and Sacred Color inks are made in Italy and gamma ray sterilized.

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