Sunskin Ready Classic Liner (5-11RL) - Plain Brass

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Ready Classic - Built to replace older Sunskin classic models.

Simplifying the production line with only one model and one finish, it has been possible to introduce this machine on the market with an even lower price compared to the basic Classic - but with a comparatively better performance due to its size, weight and setting!

Each liner machine has been assembled and set up for lining. The mechanical part makes the difference - the liner has 10 wrap coils and the combination of springs and armature bar together with coils has been set up for lining specifically.

- Liner
- Best for needles 5-11RL at about 6 - 9.5 Volts
- 10W custom design coils
- Brass bindings
- Silver contact screw
- Machine weight: approx. 250 grams
- Model: 2021

Manual included (IT/EN). Each machine is engraved with serial number and year of manufacture (number may vary from the product image).

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