Microbeau Bellar Micropigmentation Machine - Gunmetal Grey


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Toimituksen paino: 240 g

Made for the dynamic permanent makeup artist, the Bellar offers unparalleled precision. With a sleek design, this PMU device is lightweight. The slim profile fits perfectly in your hand, reducing arm fatigue, a common complaint among technicians.

Don't mistake this fine pen-style machine for lacking power. Faithful to Microbeau's principle of excellence and beauty, its powerful compact MotorBolt system was built for mechanical movement. Unique to the Bellar is its Mini DC connecter (included) that weighs less than traditional RCA cables that most PMU machines use, this reduces the strain in your hand.

If you have an eye for detail on the human canvas, the Bellar was made for precision. This is the perfect machine for hair strokes, powder brows and lips. Many top artists say hair strokes are easier with this machine. The slim design allows for steady easy maneuvering and with a stroke length of 2.1mm, you will create your art flawlessly.

Its slim and light design, weighing only 67grams (2.36 oz), allows a comfortable grip regardless of the procedure's length. The Bellar's precise performance makes it the ideal device for artists who aim for the best possible results.

Microbeau International pioneers advancements that cater to the most competitive solutions, by creating new standards and shaping the evolution of the micropigmentation industry.

- Comfortable and Lightweight design - 67grams (2.36 oz) for easy maneuverability
- Precise stroke length of 2.1mm for accurate PMU techniques
- Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option
- Grip diameter: tapered from 22mm to 16mm on the tip
- Needle depth adjustment from 0 - 4mm
- Powerful compact MotorBolt system specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation
- Includes Mini DC connector cable for optimal connectivity performance
- Ideal for hair strokes, powder brows, lips and the creation of beauty!
- 1 year warranty

Compatible with most membrane needle cartridges on the market. Always use cartridge needles with internal membrane. This will avoid accidental contamination inside your machine.
Fluids such as ink, water or oil inside the machine will void warranty of the device, and may require replacement of internal parts. Warranty will also be voided if the machine shows signs of being dropped, tampered with or internal parts being replaced on your own.

PLEASE NOTE! The Bellar does not work with standard RCA cable, but the included Mini DC connector cord is compatible with most standard tattoo power supplies.

For more info see the Bellar Manual.

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